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Upcoming Events

Monthly meetings are at 7:00 PM in the Community Room at the, Naugatuck Savings Bank, 87 Church St., Naugatuck. For further information call Dom Falcone at 860-274-4103 or or visit

We could use your helping hands during the annual Clean Up Green Up Day!  On April 6th, volunteer crews will be cleaning up around the watershed.

In Southbury, PRWC and its volunteers will be working to remove invasive aquatic plants from a small stream that flows into the Pomperaug River.  Want to help?  Contact us at or 203-263-0076. 

In Woodbury, the Conservation Commission and its volunteers will work to clean up trash along the roadways throughout town.  Want to help?  Contact Jeff Sherman at or 203-263-5408.

Can’t make it on the morning of April 6?  We encourage you to clean up along the roads, rivers, and natural areas near your home some other time that week.  A little work on one person’s part can add up to a big difference!

The Pomperaug Watershed is a precious gift we all share; let’s not take it for granted.


Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited
Connecticut Council Quarterly Meeting Minutes for January 2013

Happy first day of spring! I hear Punxsutawney Phil is wanted in Pennsylvania for fraud. And while Chuckles initially caught a lot of grief for his prediction, he's now breathing a sigh of relief.

Here are a few items that all chapters should be aware of.

Kensington Hatchery

The March 13th deadline to contact the Appropriations Committee on the Kensington Hatchery was misinformation. We still have plenty of time and have heard rumors that our efforts are having an impact. However, it has been stressed that we must keep sending letters and emails until the process is complete some time in early June. So please continue to encourage your membership to act.

Didymo on the Farmington

Didymo was again detected and confirmed by DEEP on the Farmington River. To read the full report, click here.

Be a Mentor!

TVTU needs volunteers to help make The National Fishing in the Schools Program a success. They will be providing on the water days for schools that complete the curriculum this spring, summer, and fall. They are in need of volunteers to help make the fishing outings for the kids who complete the program a success. Trainings are scheduled for April 3rd and 6th so contact Hendrik Verkade at (860) 271-5494 ASAP if you are interested in helping out. Please see TVTU's website for more details.

Regional Meeting

The regional meeting will be July 19-21 at Windham Mountain in New York. Just a reminder that when council funds were allocated to regional meeting attendance at the January meeting, Jim asked that each chapter poll its members to gauge interest in attending to report at the next quarterly meeting in April.

Our next meeting will be on April 24th. Please mark your calendars.


Alicea Charamut
Secretary, CT Council Trout Unlimited
Secretary, Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited
56 Francis Ave
Newington, Connecticut 06111

Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited | 56 Francis Ave | Newington | CT | 06111

TU News April 2013
By Bob Gregorski
Old Good News--

“Best Report”-- Kinneytown Fishway

“A river without fish is not much of an ecosystem – it is like a drainage ditch. But after all the abuse we have heaped upon the Naugatuck River, that ecosystem is now rapidly recovering. I hope that when we look back years from now we can see that 2012 was the year that the American shad and river herring began the long road to restoration in earnest. I’m sure there will still be good years and bad years, but with this big jump in returns and work about to begin on the Tingue Dam fishway, I hope that the trend is mostly in an upward direction in the coming years.” said Steve Gephard—DEEP Supervising Fisheries Biologist (Diadromous Fisheries Program).

It has been long time coming. The first year American shad were stocked in the Naugatuck River was in 1996 and 2002 was the first year alewife were stocked. This spring 59 American shad and 20 alewives passed through the Kinneytown Fishway passage. Not great numbers, but hopefully the start of a positive trend. The first American shad passed Kinneytown Fishway was in 2002. The first alewife passed in 2001. Since this preceded the stocking effort, these alewife that passed the fishway were part of the ‘remnant run’ to the river.

The following are the total list for the Kinneytown Fishway passage numbers for Spring 2012: American shad (59), Alewife (28), Sea-run brown trout (21), Sea lamprey (35), Striped bass (7), Gizzard shad (36), Broodstock salmon (4), Smallmouth bass (173), Brown trout (122), Rainbow trout (2), White sucker (572), Common carp (31), Unidentified sunfish (2) and Unidentified catfish (1).

Note: Hundreds of juvenile clupeids (shad or alewives) were observed going downstream through the fishway at the end of the season; something that hadn’t seen in years past.

Late Spring 2012-- Late last spring a request was made to the DEEP for a regulation to prohibit the harvesting of American shad in the Naugatuck River.  It was a made by a member of the Chapter & NRWA, Inc. on behalf of the American shad and future shad anglers. The purpose was to protect adult spawning American shad during their spewing.

New Good News    March 2013—
Here’s the new regulation--
“American shad: 
American shad may only be harvested from the Connecticut River system, the southern boundary of which is a line extending between Griswold Point in Old Lyme and the outer light on the Old Saybrook breakwater. American shad fishing in all other waters is limited to catch and release only;”

Note: This means that NO American Shad may be harvested in the NAUGATUCK RIVER.

Tinque Dam & Falls –
Historically --‘A Fishing Place Where the Waters Pour Down’
Anglers fishing from the west bank of the Naugy south of the Tinque Dam in


Tinque Dam & Falls- A scenic view in the spring

Photos by Bob Gregorski


  Membership Renewals:
Recent changes have been made to TU's policy toward membership renewals. Individual chapters no longer receive a portion of each renewal. As such, please send renewals directly to TU national or renew on the web site.

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