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Newsletter of the Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter
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Publisher: Cathy Unger
Contributors: Bob Gregorski, Glenn LaFreniere

Upcoming Events

CT DEEP celebrates its 75th anniversary in September.

Fishing on the Farmington

We have set the date for July 28th 2012. Fishing will begin when its legal at the Whitemoore Pool at 7 am. Coffee and donuts in the morning and burgers and dogs on the grill for lunch. All chapter members are welcome and we hope to see a good crowd as in the past. Domenic will be doing the shopping and hopes to be on the water this year.....


On May 17 as part of an all-school Community Service Day, 11 students and 3 faculty members of Westover School in Middlebury cleaned along Hop Brook (a tributary of the Naugatuck River) and Hop Brook Lake Park. In addition to items too large to fit into bags, about 25 large garage bags were filled with litter and removed from the sites.

The Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter Trout Unlimited’s working relationship with the Army Corp of Engineers enabled the project to be conducted.

Contact person-- Christopher Sweeney


OUTDOORS    July 7, 2012   Bob Gregorski

Cool Waters Mosaic

The unveiling-celebration of Waterbury Community Mosiac: City Canvass Project was held June 26, 2012 at 90 South Main Street Waterbury, CT. Prior to the unveiling, Mayor Neil O’Leary, DECD Deputy Commissioner Kip Bergstrom, artists Joanne and Bruce Hunter made comments; DEEP Commissioner Daniel Esty spoke about the role of the Naugatuck River in shaping Waterbury’s past and future and I concluded with a brief history of the Naugatuck River restoration.

I was contacted several weeks prior to the mosaic being started and received the image of the artists' work. I was gratified.  I knew it was an art project to enhance the revitalization of down town Waterbury, but in my conservationist’ eyes-I saw a tribute to all those who have been instrumental in revitalizing the Naugatuck River and its tributaries.  The colorful brace of brookies swimming in the cool, clear water depicted in this mural are the only trout native to the Naugatuck River System.  They only thrive in cool, clean water.

Here’s the essence of what I said.  Twenty-eight years ago, the Naugatuck Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited envisioned the Naugatuck River as HIDDEN TREASURE and began working closely with the DEP to restore the river. The Northwestern Chapter has been working on it for 20 years and Naugatuck River Watershed Association for 18 years. Collectively, these conservation organizations sponsored more than 120 restoration projects, which were completed by several thousand volunteer conservationists from all walks of life.

In recent years other organizations joined in the restoration, enhancement and promotion of the river through: greenways, parks, river races, festivals, wildlife videos and a web site dedicated to the Naugatuck River System. Eagles, osprey and brook trout are symbols of a healthy river. Brook Trout are one of the 42 species of fish living in its waters along with hundreds of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The river is alive again. There is more restoration work to be done and greenways & parks to build.

 “A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Note: The attached is an image of the original artwork COOL WATERS by Joanne and Bruce Hunter. About 1200 people completed the 30’ by 30’ work of art.


Chapter members who attended the unveiling: Glenn LaFreniere, Steve Farnham, Ed Dearborn, Dom Falcone and Marty Petersen.


An educational experience--                           from Bob Gregorski

Learn about Fish & Wildlife in the Naugatuck River Watershed. See it on the NRWA website is

As an educational program for students, scouts & other ecology minded groups, start on the HOME Page in the following order. It would be great to show this on a large TV.

ABOUT US   --- Focus on photos showing, cleaning, planting & bird houses.

What is a Watershed? View photos & explanations.

Maps – The Army Corp shows the tributaries & watershed towns.

Knowing Rivers –Power Point presentation (nine “slides”) explains the ecology of rivers.

Clean Up the Environment – Explains the different types of pollution & how long it takes for debris to disintegrate.

River Clean-up Guidelines –Suggestions on a procedure for conducting river clean-ups.

WILDLIFE—Lists of all species in the Naugatuck River Watershed with some photos.
Vernal Pools/Ponds

Recent Wildlife Sightings—Photos (New photos added periodically.)

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