March - 2012

Newsletter of the Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter
Trout Unlimited

Publisher: Cathy Unger
Contributors: Bob Gregorski, Glenn LaFreniere

Fisheries Program

The Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter Trout Unlimited will have George Douglas as our guest speaker for the March meeting. Attached is his Bio. He should be interresting for our steelhead fishing members. (also the rest of us). His topic is "Fish like a guide". The public is invited free of charge.

The general meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in the Community Room at the, Naugatuck Savings Bank, 87 Church St., Naugatuck,   For further information call Dom Falcone at 860-274-4103 or or visit

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Once again it’s the fly tying season. The Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be holding fly tying classes Wednesday evenings at the Southbury Stop & Shop from 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. on the following dates: March 14, 21 and 28. Classes are free and open to the public. If you have your own gear bring it. If you don't have fly tying supplies, vise, hooks, hair and feathers, you can use ours. Now is the time to fill your fly box for next season. Stop & Shop is off exit 15 West/East on RT. 84 in Southbury.

For more information call Dom Falcone - 860-274-4103 or visit

These two-inch alewives came out of the mouth of a 22” inch brown, which was caught & released.


BACK FROM THE DEAD — by Bob Gregorski

There was a time when the Naugatuck River was one of the most polluted rivers in the country. There were days when oil, gasoline and other industrial wastes floated afire on its surface. All aquatic life was dead. There was little wildlife that nested or fed in the river or its riparian habitat. “To take this river and restore it is almost a miracle. It was really a sewer, and it was dammed for about 200 years.” Said the Honorable Francis McDonald Jr. a long time river advocate.

Millions of dollars have been spent to reduce pollutants in the discharge of sanitary sewer and industrial waste into the river. Water quality has improved. Now more than 40 species of fish reside in its waters. Each year hundreds of anglers pursue trout, Atlantic salmon and smallmouth bass and other game fish. Many paddlers navigate their kayaks and canoes through out various sections of the river during spring, summer and fall.

Today scores of wildlife species including: beaver, mink, river otter, muskrat, herons, osprey, eagles and dozens of species of waterfowl and aquatic creatures feed in the river and some breed along its 40 mile length. Deer, bear, moose, bobcat, coyote, wild turkey and a variety of small mammals are observed along the river. Viewing and photographing wildlife is frequently done.

Most of the dams not used for industrial purposes have been removed. An anadromous fish program including the installation of the Kinneytown Fishway has resulted in more species in the lower river. Once the Fishway at the Tinque Dam in Seymour has been completed, many species will be able to travel to the Thomaston Dam.

Looking back to 2011 at four DEEP fishery programs in the Naugatuck River here’s a summary of the Kinneytown Fishway Report Seymour, CT, Stocking of Sea run Trout, American Shad and Alewife. The following species and (numbers) that swam through the fishway: American shad (1), Alewife (0), Atlantic salmon (10), American eel (0), Blueback herring (0), Gizzard shad (1), Sea lamprey (56), Sea-run brown trout (12), Striped bass (0), Brook trout (0), Brown trout (42), Common carp (24), Lepomis (10), Smallmouth bass (65), Walleye (0), Channel catfish (0), White sucker (207) and Tiger trout (3) for a total of 431 fish in 11 species.

Stocking of Sea run Trout, Alewife and American Shad Programs Stocking in the Naugatuck River-- 500 brown trout and 500 tiger trout downstream of Kinneytown Dam (Riverside Drive in Ansonia).

156 American shad and 500 alewife into the Naugatuck River at the Riverbend Park on Nancy Avenue in Beacon Falls. ‘Source of information-- Timothy Wildman—DEEP Fisheries Division

Note: The construction plans for the park included providing a driveway to the river so DEEP Fisheries personnel and volunteers could conveniently stock Atlantic salmon, trout, American shad and river herring and emergency services would have a strategic location to get into the river.


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