March 2010

Newsletter of the Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter
Trout Unlimited

Publisher: Cathy Unger
Contributors: Bob Perrella, Bob Nikituk and Bob Gregorski

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Chapter meeting Wednesday, March 3rd at 7:00 PM at the Naugatuck Savings Bank, 87 Church St., Naugatuck, CT. A board meeting will be held at 6:30 before the regular meeting for board members because of the February cancellation.

Coming Events


Once again it's the fly tying season. The Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be holding fly tying classes Wednesday evenings at the Southbury Stop & Shop from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on the following dates: March 10, 17, 24 and 31.

Classes are free and open to the public. If you have your own gear bring it. If you don't have fly tying supplies, vise, hooks, hair and feathers, you can use ours. Now is the time to fill your fly box for next season.
Stop & Shop is off exit 15 West/East on RT. 84 in Southbury.

For more information call Dom Falcone - 860-274-4103 or visit


March Angling by Bob Gregorski
Starting March 1, most waters stocked with trout are closed to fishing and will open the third Saturday of April (4/17/10). Marine and inland fishing is available from March 1 through April 16. The species of fish available include: trout, pike, walleye, stripers, winter flounder, black bass, sea-run trout and Atlantic salmon broodstock. The five types of waters available to anglers can be categorized as: Trophy Trout Lakes, No Closed Season Waters, Trout Management Areas, Private Ponds and Marine.

Trophy Trout Lakes open in March -- There are trophy trout lakes in CT that are open to trout fishing in March. Each has its own set of regulations. Read the rules in the 2010 Connecticut Angler's Guide.

Streams and Ponds Open To Fishing Throughout The Year -- There are 12 rivers/streams or portions thereof that have no closed season for a variety of fish, including trout and black bass. There are lakes and ponds that have no closed season for fishing. Pike, sea-run trout, stripers, catfish and white perch are hunted in the largest rivers in the state as conditions permit.

Trout Management Areas -- Another option is fishing some of the TMA's that always have trout. There are special regulations for each T.M.A.

Private Fishing Ponds -- Some private and club owned ponds may be open to fishing in March.

Marine District Waters
On the marine scenes, the popular species pursued by anglers in March are: white perch, eels, sea-run trout, cod, haddock, pollock, striped bass, Atlantic herring, hickory shad, American shad and blackfish. Note: The taking of river herring (alewife and blueback herring is prohibited). The quality of fishing depends greatly on weather conditions and the stocks of fish. Check the marine regulations before fishing. The demarcation between the Inland and Marine District are listed in the Connecticut Angler's Guide.

Fish Hunters - head to the open waters. There are plenty of fishing opportunities before Opening Day. Remember -- the time-spent fishing is not "deducted from one's lifetime.

Lifetime Licenses Must Be Renewed Annually

(Researched and reported by Bob Gregorski)
After several communications with the CT DEP, here is the answer I received on 2/1/10. Note: I did NOT know until 1/30/10 and asked to receive a confirmation before publicizing the information.

"I just wanted to clarify the lifetime license issue. As you know, effective October 1, 2009, the lifetime license for seniors (age 65 and older) was changed to an annual license. This means all individuals that currently have a senior lifetime license must now renew their license annually. Those individuals who had hunting privileges in the past should be in the system and should be able to go into the on-line system and get a Conservation ID. If you are not able to get a Conservation ID or a particular hunting privilege that you had in the past, you will have to call the Licensing and Revenue Office at DEP and someone will be able to assist you to obtain a Conservation ID and ensure all your privileges are in the system. Once you get your Conservation ID number, it will be a simple annual renewal process. The phone number for DEP License and Revenue is 860-424-3105 and the office is open M-F 9:00 - 4:00.

We did not issue any press release on this particular issue but we will be updating our web page soon regarding this and other related licensing information.
Please give me a call if you need any more information.


Tony Petrillo, Fisheries Biologist
Federal Aid Coordinator
CT DEP Bureau of Natural Resources

Bob Perrella caught and released this nice holdover brown on 2-12-10.

Pomperaug River Partnership Project 2010

TU Naugatuck -Pomperaug & Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition

The partnership is with PRWC and N-P TU both 501-C3 conservation organizations. A member of each organization will co-chair the Woodbury section of the river and likewise the Southbury section. The four co-chairs would comprise the Committee for the project. Bob Gregorski will be the TU co-chair for the Woodbury section with Dick Leavenworth (PRWC) and Bob Perrella the will be the TU co-chair the Southbury section with Carol Haskins (PRWC). Other people are welcome to be resources for the Committee.

Phase One -- Identify all the access locations on the entire length of the Pomperaug River for outdoor recreation (fishing, hiking, observing wildlife, etc.). These locations could include suitable parking and rights-of-ways.

Phase Two -Name the popular fishing locations (pools, riffles, runs) and identify their locations; perhaps historical locations of the Pomperaug River could be highlighted.
Phase Three - Make the information available to the public in hard copy and Internet.
If funding is required, the partnership may seek it from a variety of sources.
If interested, in Southbury contact Bob P.; for Woodbury contact Bob G.

Note: Dave Peck & Don Meyer are TU members Southbury Committee.


DEP Fishing & Hunting Guides from Bob Gregorski

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection today announced that the 2010 editions of the Connecticut Angler's Guide and the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide are now available online on the agency's web site. The guides can be found at and These two annual guides contain details on fishing, hunting and trapping regulations plus other necessary and useful information for anglers and hunters. Printed versions of the guides will be available at more than 350 locations statewide -- including town halls, bait and tackle shops and other vendors selling outdoor equipment, DEP facilities and commercial marinas and campgrounds - in early April.

Bob G.


Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 17:15:28 -0800
Subject: Meeting Minutes of the February 3, 2010 Naugatuck/Pomperaug Chapter of T.U.

The following are the minutes of the February 3,2010 meeting of the Naugatuck/Pomperaug Chapter of Trout Unlimited which was held at the Naugatuck Savings Bank on 87 Church Street, Naugatuck:

- Those in attendance were:
Dom Falcone, Martin Petersen, Ernie Ludwig (, Nick Ludwig (, Mike Kaklamanos, Bob Nikituk, Al Concilio, Don Meyer, Larry Folb, Dave Peck, Steve Farnham, Glenn LaFreniere, Larry Wolff, Bob Perella, Bob Gregorski, Sara Valentino, George Raemore, Tony Ames ???, Arthur Hornby and Brandon Hornby.
The last two (Art and Brandon) are not T.U. members. They're hoping to join.

- President Glenn LaFreniere convened the meeting at 7 P.M.
The minutes of the last meeting, January 6, 2010, were read by Bob Nikituk. Motions to accept the minutes were made, seconded, and they were accepted.
Steve Farnham read the treasurer's report. Motions to accept the report were made, seconded, and they were accepted.
Glenn mentioned that our chapter currently has 269 members.

- Jack's Brook Project
Bob Perella told the group that the Inlands Wetlands permit has been submitted. Hopefully it will be granted by the second week of August 2010 so that the work on the project can begin.

- Mike Kaklamanos gave an update on the fly tying classes. The sessions are attracting a lot of new people, young and old. With the exception of the first Wednesday of each month, they're scheduled for every Wednesday through the end of March at the Southbury S&S at 7 P.M.

- A board of directors meeting was scheduled for February 10th at 6:15 P.M. at the Southbury S & S.
Note: Not held due to snow storm.

- There will be a fly casting clinic at the Newtown Bait and Tackle that is scheduled for the second Saturday in April. Bob Perella will ask for help from the membership at the next board of directors meeting.

- Pomperaug River Items:
a.) Regarding the Platt property for stocking purposes, Dave Peck spoke to the land trust and got written permission which Bob Perella faxed to Bob Orciari of the Ct DEP.
b.) Bob Gregorski and Bob Perella will meet Monday, February 8th, with members of the Pomperaug River Coalition to lay groundwork for the Pomperaug riffle/run/pool naming project.

- Naugatuck River Items:
a.) I told the group that I spoke to Chuck Lee of the Ct DEP about the Tingue dam bypass. Although money was granted to purchase the land needed for the bypass, at least three easements to get the work done are needed. The DEP and the town/project's lawyer are working on this. The deadline to use the stimulus money for the project is the proposed complete date and not the start date. The federal agency overseeing this project is aware of the needed easements and time constraints.
b.) Bob Gregorski told the group that the Linden Park (Hop Brook) area known as the beach will be site #1 regarding the Greenway Trail. Meetings with various groups such as the Inlands Wetlands commission, public works department and the fire rescue unit will be scheduled to determine kayak/canoe launch locations. Along with this, Bob also wants to name the riffles, runs and pools.

- Salmon in the classroom:
a) Al Concilio and John Ploski delivered 200 'eyed' Atlantic salmon eggs to Laurel Ledge school in Beacon Falls. Kids from all areas are involved.

- Chapter trips:
a.) Bob Perella wrote a letter to Connetquot asking for the second and/or third week in October. Bob says that we'll take what they give us.
b.) Mike Kaklamanos called Creekside Cabins, and they are booked through August. Mike will keep on checking.

- The meeting adjourned at 8:03 P.M. Motions were made, seconded and accepted. The club watched the film Alaska Salmon.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by Bob Nikituk.


Membership Renewals:
Recent changes have been made to TU's policy toward membership renewals. Individual chapters no longer receive a portion of each renewal. As such, please send renewals directly to TU national or renew on the website.




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To conserve, protect and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watershed.