JUNE 2009

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Editor: Bob Gregorski
Publisher: Cathy Unger
Contributors: Mike Mackniak, Dom Falcone, John Ploski, Mike Kaklamanos, Larry Wolff and Bob Gregorski

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June 3 Monthly Chapter Meeting 7:00 pm at Naugatuck Savings Bank 87 Church St., Naugatuck. The speaker to be announced. The public is invited free of charge.

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By Mike Mackniak

Once again, the volunteer-members of the Naugatuck/Pomperaug chapter of Trout Unlimited have left an indelible mark on the landscape of the Naugatuck River, this time in Beacon Falls. The chapter, with support from its national counterpart and largely due to a generous gift of $25,000.00 from local manufacturer ALCOA Aluminum, O&G Industries, The Katharine Matheis Foundation and the Town of Beacon Falls has spearheaded the effort to build a public access park.

The coordination of these philanthropic entities and the Parks realization would not have been possible without TU regional director Kirt Mayland.

River Bend Park, located just off of Route 42 in Beacon Falls, promises to create a wonderful trout habitat from a heretofore, relatively inaccessible stretch of the Naugatuck River.

"The river in this area has long been considered to hold tremendous potential for trout and other fisheries. In addition to the annual stock of Atlantic Salmon, I have no doubt that Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection will agree that this park will be an ideal spot for the placement of all species of trout and char in the early Spring and Fall, says former Chapter President Bob "Johnny Trout Seed" Perrella.

This year Trout Unlimited assisted the DEP in stocking thousands of fish including Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Tiger Trout in Connecticut Rivers.

Trout Unlimited is a national organization dedicated to the preservation of all waterways and fisheries. The local chapter has been credited to a great degree, with the fight for the clean up of the Naugatuck River and, its restoration as a legitimate, fishing destination for all anglers.

"It is our hope that this park will give local residents something to call their own and something they can take pride in," says Mike Kaklamanos, chapter member and leader. "We especially hope that children will find this particular area accessible and use it responsibly in order to learn and appreciate the wonders of the great sport of fishing."

Trout Unlimited utilized its manpower and resources, plus a donation of voluntary contributions from its members of $3,000.00 to make the realization of the park's completion a reality. The town of Beacon Falls will assume responsibility for the parks maintenance and upkeep upon dedication.

Perrella recently met with local children and offered to purchase them items that they would like for the park to include anything they may wish to make it a park to call their own. "After all, it is for them that the park was built."

The formal dedication of River Bend Park took place on May16, 2009 at 11 am Just in time for fishing.

Reports from Al Concilio Spring 2009
Trout in the Classroom

Trout Release 2009

On May 1st as it began to drizzle, John Ploski and I headed out to Memorial School in Middlebury. When we entered Sue Johnson’s classroom, students’ eyes lit up and we soon had them carefully removing brown trout fry from the 55-gallon aquarium and counting them. The final count 118!
We actually had more than we originally started with (100) because several months earlier we lost quite a few fish and had to replenish the supply. When we arrived at the Audubon Center in Southbury we met Ken Elkins, the new director of education. He was very helpful and spoke to the kids about some of the natural beauty surrounding them. The release went extremely well as kids and parents eagerly poured their cups with wriggling fry into the Pomperaug River. The seventh graders also did sampling for macroinvertebrates and water testing. Luckily, the rain held off until the kids were ready to board the bus. Another successful year was complete.

Atlantic Salmon Program

Our chapter helped to sponsor the Atlantic Salmon Program for seventeen youngsters from Beacon Falls and ten members of Cub Scout Pack 110 in Naugatuck. The program began in December 2008 and continued until May 2009 when approximately 185 healthy salmon fry were stocked in the Salmon River in East Hampton. The kids enthusiastically constructed a hatchery which included a $625 chiller to raise their salmon from the eyed-egg stage to fry. They monitored the fish by taking daily water temperatures and using math to determine the Daily Developmental Index number and the C.D.I. (Cumulative Developmental Index number). The data was recorded on a spreadsheet on their classroom computer and used to estimate the day the eggs would hatch and the day to release the fry. On April 29 the children gave their parents a close-up view of the squirming, inch-long salmon. A large group of students and parents showed up on May 2 for the stocking. This highly successful program was also sponsored by the Beacon Falls Park and Recreation Department.

Kayak/Canoe Race Festival 5/9/09 Beacon Falls. Al Concilio, Sara Valentino, John Ploski and Marty Peterson manned the TU display. Joe Savarase and Bob Gregorski manned the NRWA display. Information about both organizations were distributed.

John Ploski, Marty Peterson and Al Concilio (L-R) ready to explain TU and TROUT in The Classroom program.

This kayaker is paddling toward the finish line ( Beacon Falls Depot Street bridge)

Photos by Bob Gregorski

Kid’s Fishing Derby at Hop Brook Lake May 2,2009

About 15-20 kids, adults and grandparents along with Chapter members Mike Kaklamanos, Dom Falcone, John Ploski, Marty Peterson, Larry Wolff, Mike Mackniak and Bob Gregorski had a great time. There were lots of prizes awarded to lots of happy kids.

Our Chapter co-sponsored the event with the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers. The Chapter donated most of the prizes. Several Corp members weighed and measured fish and set up displays.


Helpers had a good time at the Hop Brook Lake Derby.

Jake Mackniak is one happy expert angler.

Oxford –Introduction to Fishing Program

Educating Kids About Fishing was the theme of the Chapter sponsored program held at the Oxford Library on May 14. Young kids where told what trout eat, how to fish for them and practice Catch and Release.

Lucky 7 & Bakers Dozen

By Bob Gregorski

Recently while fishing the Pomperaug River, I had two unique experiences. I had released a number of trout and it was getting dark. There was a large trout rising steadily about 40 feet down river from me, so I said to myself, ‘one more cast’. As the line got three quarters away across the current, the trout slammed the wet Adams fly and broke the 7X leader. Then it leaped out of the water, splashed back, leaped again closer to me, splashed back, leaped again closer to me. On the seventh leap it was about a rod’s length away. I could see the leader protruding from the fat, 15-inch brown trout’s mouth as it returned to the river with the loudest splash.

The noise scared a mother merganser duck and it ducklings swimming about 50 feet upriver. They made a loud commotion as they paddled swiftly from the along the west bank to mid-river. They watched me and paddled in place until I left the water on the east bank. Then mother and ducklings paddled swiftly by me. There were 13 ducklings (a bakers dozen).

Waterbury Naugatuck River Greenway

Bob and Anita Gregorski attended the 4/30/09 Public Kick-off and Visioning Meeting held at Kennedy High School in Waterbury. About 200 interested people were present and heard representatives from Alta Planning & Design explain the process of getting a greenway constructed. That was followed by each person participating in a Breakout Group(s). Anita participated in the Arts group and Bob in the Plattsmill and Huntingdon Ave section groups.

“It was gratifying to see so many people representing all aspects of the city truly interested in the greenway. It’s been a long time since 1985 when the chapter started working to restore the river and 1994 for the NRWA, Inc.”, said Bob Gregorski.

As a result of Bob’s attendance, he was invited to attend the May 14 meeting of Waterbury Greenway Advisory Committee. Bob was given the opportunity to address the Committee and highlighted the work completed on the river by the Chapter and NRWA.

He’s been asked and has greed to assist the 501-C3 Committee which meets on June 1. Note: The Committee membership is comprised of individuals and not representatives of organizations.

Bob did ask questions about the proposed “Garbage to Gas” plant in Waterbury. His concerns are: the sand, salt and deicers washed from every truck that leaves the plant during the winter months. Do they end up in the river? During the summer, what is the temperature of the recycled water when it enters the river and sewer treatment plant?

Spring Calendar

Note: See April, May and June newsletters for details.
April 23 Fly Tying Demonstrations at Prospect Library
April 25 Introduction to Fishing at Prospect Library
April 25 Fishing Derby Bennett Memorial Park Bethel
May 2 Prospect Fishing Derby
May 2 Army Corp Fishing Derby Hop Brook Lake Middlebury
May 2 Naugy River Clean-up 9:00 am at Platts Mill Road Waterbury
May 6 Chapter Meeting 7:00 pm Naug. Savings Bank 87 Church St. Naugatuck
May 9 Kayak/Canoe Race Naugy River Festival – the Chapter had a display.
May 14 Introduction to Fishing at Oxford Library
May 16 Oxford Fishing Derby
June 3 Chapter Meeting 7:00 pm Naug. Savings Bank 87 Church St. Naugatuck
June 7 Rubber Duck Race Naugatuck -- The Chapter plans to have a display table.
June 13 Naugy River Clean-up, cookout & fishing- Linden Park Naugatuck 10:30 am




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