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Newsletter of the Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter
Trout Unlimited

Publisher: Cathy Unger
Contributors: Bob Gregorski, Ernie Ludwig
Monthly meetings meetings are starting back up on the first Wednesday of the month in the Community Room at the, ION Bank, (formerly the Naugatuck Savings Bank), 87 Church St., Naugatuck, CT.  For further information call Dom Falcon


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Tungsten BH Czech Mate Nymph - Hare's Ear                                                                

Hello Everyone,


This month we will have a Speaker, Tim Barry from the DEEP discussing the results of the fish stocking and the issue of the Kensington Hatchery Closure. This is a pretty important subject for the future of the Trout in the classroom program. Please attend and be heard. 

Please join us at 7:00 pm on May 6th, at the ION Bank community center in Naugatuck.   CANCELLED

The board will be holding a fishing meeting at the water side on the 3rd of June.   We are up for suggestions as to what river we do this at. This will be decided at the May meeting.

Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust - Farm Day 5/16/15
Flanders will hold its annual Farm Day celebration on Saturday, 5/16/15 this year and hoped that one or more members of your Trout Unlimited chapter might be interested in doing a fly casting and/or fly tying demonstration?  
I know it would be a terrific addition to the day.  Please consider and let me know you're interested?

Thank you,

Ann Astarita
Outreach Coordinator
Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust
596 Flanders Road
Woodbury, CT 06798
mail:  5 Church Hill Road

Fellow N-P TU Members

Our Chapter financially supported BSA Troop 140's conservation projects for this year. Here is one example of how some of the $250.00 was used. Our conservation organization is making a difference in restoring the Naugy, its fish and wildlife and its riparian habitat. And there is more to come.
Bob Gregorski N-P Conservation Chairman

A contingent of scouts and leaders of BSA Troop 140 spent the morning of 4/18/2015 on the west bank of the Naugatuck River in Huntingdon Avenue Bridge area in Waterbury. 45 of the 50 birdhouses were cleaned and doors secured (see photo). Two were taken down for repair. Three were missing off poles. No sign of them anywhere.

15 bags of garbage were picked up.

In May, the Troop plans to go back to clean the other houses, put in plants, and work on clearing a trail. The area is filled with the invasive, exotic Japanese Knotweed.

The forsythia bushes and reeds that were planted are flourishing. The planted section gets bigger and bigger. (See photo.)

The only wildlife seen were two Canada Geese, a few robins, and the mice. No beavers were seen, however there were plenty of cut branches but they seem to be from a month ago.” (See photo).


On March 27, 2015 at its annual fund raising banquet, the Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter Trout Unlimited presented three other area volunteer, conservation organizations each with $250.00 to help fund their 2015 conservation projects. The focus of the conservation projects is helping to restore the Naugatuck River, its riparian habitat and fish and wildlife.

Photo by Bob Gregorski (TU and NRWA Conservation Chairman)

L-R Steve Farnham (TU Naug.-Pomp. Chapter Pres.), Ernie Ludwig (TU N-P Chapter V. P.), Joe Savarese (NRWA a Director), Richard DiFederico (Assistant Scoutmaster BSA Troop 140 Oakville and Unit Commissioner Mad River District), Ed Dearborn (second row) (TU N-P Chapter Treas.), Bill Fitzpatrick (Scoutmaster Troop 140 and Activities Chairman Mad River District.), Alex Triscritti, (Cadet Corps Commander)- Naugatuck High School ROTC) and Lt Col Valerie Lofland, USAF (ret). - Naugatuck High School ROTC).

Dave Leveillee (V.P. NRWA) installs a bluebird nesting house on the river bank in Thomaston with the aid of property owner Will Cummings.


Will Cummings stands beneath the wood duck nesting house on his Naugy River bank property in Thomaston.

Both projects were organized by the NRWA, supported by TROUT UNLIMITED N-P Chapter and the DEEP Wildlife Division.

Free Membership for Women
Expanding TU's Membership Base.

And speaking of new members, do you know any women who enjoy our sport, conservation or both? Well, TU is interested in attracting more women to the organization and for a limited time is offering women free memberships. feel free to share this information with any women anglers or conservationists you might now. Let's all work to expand our influence.

  Membership Renewals:
Recent changes have been made to TU's policy toward membership renewals. Individual chapters no longer receive a portion of each renewal. As such, please send renewals directly to TU national or renew on the web site.

Trout Unlimited's Mission

To conserve, protect and restore North America's cold water fisheries and their watershed.